What We Do

Koldprezz offers an easy and delightful means to assume charge of your body. We make our nutritious juices and smoothies from 100% organic raw vegetables and fruits in small batches to keep the natural nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants of each ingredient intact. Our juices are free from additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars. We discovered juicing and experienced the positive changes, so we are sharing them with our community. We strongly believe, it is possible for everyone to live a healthy and happy life. Our objective is to create an enjoyable and successful juicing experience for our clients.

We are a small team of juicing believers with passion and dedication in helping you look and feel better through the art of juicing. KOLDPREZZ is founded on a base that values health, organic, local, sustainable, knowledge, and affordability. When you have a resilient belief in your values, business decisions are effortless. We are from the humble farming community and have diversified background, and we recognize how a clean organic food tastes without added chemicals.

We love juicing and enjoy serving others. We believe every sip of our juice should taste as good as it is good for you. Whether you come down to our store or let us come to you, it's about time that you found out what all the excitement is about. Swap your soft drinks for our cold-pressed juices, embrace your basics and discover that being healthy doesn't have to be that difficult. Pick up a juice, enjoy a range of healthy snacks and salads, and relax with free Wi-Fi.

Let us Dream,
Never stop trying,
Make someone else's day,
Live in the moment,
Be the juice life.

We will continue to innovate and deliver you the services and products that guide your journey towards the best and healthier life. If you have thoughts or suggestions for us, please do share. KOLDPREZZ exists, because of you. We would like to hear from you               


Become part of our society and promote wellness through organic, raw and fresh cold-pressed juices.