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We provide our clients an optimal health benefits, more convenience and amazing taste. We can proudly say that we’ve nailed it. KOLDPREZZ juices are 100% organic, raw, and fresh, cold pressed, unpasteurized, no preservatives, no added sugar, and no added water, handcrafted in small batches, eco-friendly, fresh and non-HPP.

KOLDPREZZ Juice uses a cold pressed method that is proven to yield 3-5 times more nutrients than other methods. We use the industry-leading juice presses, which shreds the produce to a pulp at low speed, then pressing it with a hydraulic press. Slow pressing eliminates heat from the juicing process and decreases oxygenation. This creates a better tasting and nutritionally balanced juices with essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and minerals. Cold pressed is nutritionally THE BEST. It is harder, takes more time, but simply worth it. All of our juices are handmade in small batches which make a difference in taste.

KOLDPREZZ juices are the powerful solutions to the ever increasing intake of acids and toxins in our lifestyle. We make quality, chemical free, delicious juice with a smaller carbon footprint.You bet every sip of KOLDPREZZ juice will make you feeling recharged, healthy and balanced.

100% Organic and Raw

Conventional produces have pesticide & fertilizer residue. It is worse to go on cleanse with conventional produce as the toxins get absorbed into your body at a quicker pace. KOLDPREZZ is 100% organic, to truly provide a fully nutrient juice. Some people may argue that it’s impossible, but it’s actually quite simple; if it’s not organic we don’t make it. We take great consideration in deciding what goes into each juice bottle. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for their nutritious offerings, vitamins and taste. Our juices have brighter colors, more nutrients and stay fresh. It’s a natural cleanse.

HPP Free

We are a “Truly Raw” product, meaning we do nothing to it during or after the bottling process to extend its shelf life. We wanted to create fresh juice, not juice that had the capability sitting under lights on a grocery store shelf for 30+ days. No High Pressure Processing or High Pressure Pascalization or Cold-Pressured.