All of our organic, cold pressed juices and juice cleanses are GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, ADDITIVE-FREE, 100% VEGAN. For those with nut allergies, but interested in cleansing, you can supplement the almond milk with any of the other juices. However, please be advised that our juices are manufactured using equipment that also process nuts. If you have a severe allergy to any of our ingredients, there is a risk for cross-contamination.
Juices can be consumed at all times of the day. Some juices are better for working out, replacing morning coffee and curbing late night sweet cravings, however they are all great for a nutritional supplement at any time of the day.
It is very important to make the distinction between added sugars and sugars that occur naturally in foods like fruits and vegetables. Naturally occurring sugars are fine, and are a vital source of energy for most people. However, added sugars are a cause for concern. Koldprezz does not add any sugar of any kind to our juices. If you drink a green juice or carrot juice, you are consuming sugar. Yet this sort of sugar has not been insulated from the companion nutrients contained within the fruits or vegetables, then it causes a positive result on your body’s chemistry.
All of our ingredients come straight from the earth so they are vibrant, refreshing and are bursting with flavor. We have different flavor profiles that fit everyone’s palates. Some juices are sweet, fruit forward and remind you of child hood, while some are veggie heavy with just the right amount of fruit to enjoy them without spiking blood sugar levels. Our nut milks are popular for guilt-free desserts and our green only juices save time for our elite juicers looking to get their veggies in for the day. Many different people have all found their favorites among our classic collection and seasonal rotation of juices.
In one juice you are getting anywhere from 2-2.5 pounds of raw organic produce.
We source most of our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Sourcing locally not only ensures the freshest, most flavorful product, but also bears out the environment (fewer miles traveled) and our neighboring communities. Please call us to see who we sourced from that week as it changes with season and availability.
Koldprezz juices have 4 days shelf life on refrigerated condition, but when this comes to juice it's a good thing. We don't add any preservatives or employ any post-juicing treatment to extend the shelf life. Our objective is to offer the freshest, most nutrient-rich juice possible. Cold pressing ensures that the freshest and most nutritious juice possible.
There's a major difference between pasteurized juice you'd find at the supermarket, and cold pressed juice such as Koldprezz. When juice is pasteurized, it's heated at a very high temperature, which protects it against bacteria and prolongs shelf life. However, this heating process also destroys live enzymes, minerals, and other good foods. Cold pressing, on the other hand, slowly extracts juice by crushing the fruits and vegetables, and then pressing them to squeeze out the juice, all without using heat. This produces a drink that has about 3 to 5 times more nutrients than normal juice. Cold pressed juices typically last for up to 4 days when refrigerated, so it's important to buy them fresh and drink them quickly.
Separation is natural. Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy on or before the use by date.
Ginger root in cold pressed form appears white and usually settles at the bottom of the bottle. Just shake.


Periodic cleansing is one of the best tools you have to achieve vibrant health in a toxic world. If you feel tired, heavy, bloated, or simply imbalanced. Reset your health and restore your energy levels with an organic juice cleanse. Organic juice cleansing gives your body a needed break from the pesticides, hormones, additives and chemicals that you ingest each day through the consumption of processed food. The Cleanse experience brings a new level of mindfulness about nutrition and is a strong tool towards improving your relationship with food.
Yes. If you’d like to start slow, you can always opt for 1 day cleanse. We assure you’ll be back for more.
We recommend eating lighter and healthier for a few days leading up to your KOLDPREZZ juice cleanse to prepare your body. Soups and salads are a good place to start. Drink lots of water and get set for some juicing.
As often as possible. Choose any KOLDPREZZ cleanse packages and drink your way to a healthier body. Better yet, spread the truth about juice cleanse with your friends.
Using a hydraulic cold press machine that extracts the nectar directly from the pulp. This pressing action, instead of blending or grinding, doesn’t oxidize or degrade the fruit and vegetables, helping to keep all the nutrients and enzymes intact. This ensures that none of the essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and minerals are lost.
Breaking a sweat is always a good idea, as it is the body’s way of releasing toxins. If you choose to maintain your workout regimen, we recommend you engage in low impact exercise while cleansing. Remember that your body is going through cleanse so it might not be the best time to train for a marathon. We advise that you take gentle exercise such as yoga, stretching or walking instead.
Speak to your health care professional and let them know you are keen on embarking on a juice cleanse.
Please drop us a line at order@koldprezz.com
Keep refrigerated as the contents are highly perishable
The primary goal of the KOLDPREZZ Juice Cleanse is not weight loss. It was created specifically to make you feel better both mentally and physically. The average weight loss is approximately 2-8 pounds on a 3 day cleanse, however this is a nutritionally based cleanse and is not meant for rapid weight loss but for jump starting the long term process of weight loss and maintenance. We refer to weight loss as a "happy side effect".
Everyone is different and some people make it through 3-5 days with sustained energy and minimal hunger and then there are some people who feel the hunger more than others. Generally hunger from cleansing is provoked by appetite queues. We suggest building a strategy for success by planning on removing yourself from situations that might risk induced appetite.
It is not recommended that any kid under 14 do a full cleanse, however the addition of raw organic cold-pressed juices are the best thing you can add into a child’s diet. Our juices will increase your child's immediate health while building their foundation for health at a young age. Incorporating KOLDPREZZ's vibrant juices will acclimate them to the taste and value of produce early on to ensure long term health.
It is not okay to do a full cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding without solid food supplementation because of the lack of calorie intake. A cleanse is between 900-1,200 calories and this is not a sufficient amount of energy or “building blocks” for the body to do what it needs during a crucial part of a developing life. However drinking KOLDPREZZ Juices is one of the best things you can do for your baby when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding because of the vital nutrients in juice that can be transferred to the baby. After all a healthy mom = a healthy baby.
Before opting to do cleanse, please consult your physician. You will get the benefits of raw cold pressed juice by consuming green based juices as part of a daily routine instead of a strict restricted cleanse.
No, we do not recommend cleansing if you are on blood thinners because of the amount of greens that you will be getting. Like everything else check with your doctor. Incorporating juice into your diet will increase your health tremendously. Drink 1-2 juices a day.
Yes, we’ll. You can request a juice of your choice. You may specify in the 'Special Instructions' on your order submission to substitute the nut milk. Alternatively, you may choose to 'Build Your Cleanse' and choose juices based on your preferences and needs. Please be advised that our juices are manufactured using equipment that also process almond nuts. If you have a severe allergy to any of our ingredients, there is a risk for cross-contamination.

Ordering & Pick-Up

It's best to order in advance because it will guarantee that your order will be made and waiting for you on the day you selected pick up. However we understand cleansing can be an impulsive decision, and when you want to cleanse it’s now or never. You might have not had the time to go online and pre-order or call in advance but that’s OK, call us, we always have fresh juice on stock to get you started on your cleanse. We might not have a full set or the exact juices you want but we will at least get you started and scheduled for your next pick-up.
You can pick up our juices at our store. (Farmers market...Coming shortly). Feel free to call us to see what would work best for you.
We do, we love delivering locally to our community. We are your new aged milkman and will drop off juices. We leave your juices in an insulated bag with ice packs.
Not a problem, if you need to reschedule your cleanse it must be done at least two days before your fulfillment date.
Call us immediately if you cannot make up your pick-up time and date. You must pick-up the next day of your scheduled cleanse.
Returns and exchanges are not permitted. We run a tight ship and make everything by hand. If you suspect a problem with Koldprezz juices, let us know immediately and we will remedy the situation.

Post Questions & General

We believe that certified organic produce is the best choice for the health and safety of you and our planet. Organic produce touts between 30 - 40% higher nutrient densities than conventional produce. Pesticide and Chemical free - you drink more than 11 pounds of produce each day of the Cleanse. Consuming the same amount of conventional produce would expose you to a toxic level of pesticides, making cleanse very ineffective.
We go to great lengths to source 100% organic produce all the time. We diligently try to avoid this scenario, if we don’t get it we won’t produce it.
Definitely. Arguably the greatest benefit is the mental clarity and a sense of wellbeing experienced during and post cleansing. Abstaining from food and saving the energy that goes into preparing and digesting meals leads to a greater level of mindfulness. It is an empowering experience that places people back in control of their body.
We strongly encourage you to stick with just the juices if possible, but it is important to listen to your body. If your body needs something more, and you feel confident that your hunger is more than simply a craving to chew, we recommend an avocado with a little lemon, or ingredients found in the juices themselves (i.e. romaine, spinach, etc. chopped up into a light salad with freshly squeezed lemon and a bit of flax oil) – keep it completely organic and raw.
Contact us at juice@koldprezz.com, we love to get your emails.
Anyone interested in collaborating on and/or including KOLDPREZZ Juice in a magazine article/story, please reach out directly to juice@koldprezz.com.


*WARNING AND NOTICE: KOLDPREZZ is not an organization of medical physicians, experts, or certified nutritionists and our staff cannot give you medical advice, a diagnosis, or a "diet" program. Nothing in this brochure content should be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you need medical advice, please seek out a professional medical doctor. We commend that you contact a medical physician before you begin any change in your diet or whatever sort of weight loss program. We warn against the use of cleanses by minors, pregnant women, and any individuals with pre-existing health issues, including those taking prescription medications. If you have any questions about whether a juice cleanse is right for you, you are specifically warned to seek advice from a professional medical doctor. Please be advised that our juices are manufactured using equipment that also process almond nuts. If you have a severe allergy to any of our ingredients, there is a risk for cross-contamination. Cold pressed juices has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.